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Our Technology

Poison Free  | Humane |  Data-Driven
The CatchData™ technology platform is based on our vision to radically transform the way invasive rodents are managed on a global scale. CatchData™’s technology platform provides the most ethical and sustainable rodent control system on the market, consisting of three proprietary, patented components; the sensor system, the mechanical euthanization system, and our data collection platform; all supported by our industry leading scientists, advisor and consultants.  The combination established the foundational infrastructure upon which all our solutions are based.
Tech Platform
CatchData™'s  SenseTEC™ system has the ability to precisely identify where the rodents are in time and space, which allows for an accurate and consistent processing each and every-time. Our SuperTraps are perceived to be novel, non-threatening objects, shifting animal behaviour to that of curious exploration, versus a fight or flight response. The 'invisible' nature of our SenseTEC™ trigger system does not allow our system to be ‘learned’ and subsequently feared and outsmarted by a rodent. The advanced nature of the sensors allows our systems to be effective regardless of the size or weight of the animal, and also eliminates by-kill, or the unintentional processing of non-targeted species.
Differential Bait System (DBS)™
CatchData™ is currently in the process of developing and patenting a number of differential baits to work in conjunction with our commercialized CatchData™ SuperTraps. Our development team is engineering a number of specific proprietary bait blends that optimize attracting invasive animal species at long and short ranges. All of our proprietary bait blends are specifically designed to be non-toxic and environmentally safe.
The CatchData™ CDE²  System™ is a critical component of our invasive animal euthanization platform. The CDE² System™  is a proprietary mechanical cervical dislocation device which delivers a rapid and non-recoverable blow to the cervical vertebrae. This device has been designed to be a self resetting and autonomous system allowing for enhanced functionality and effectiveness in a variety of applications.
CDE² System™
No More Guessing
CatchData™ is shinning a light on an industry that has created an illusion of reliability and transparency. Our data driven euthanization and management systems provide reliable and quantifiable results. 
Data Capture
The capture of relevant and useful data is a driving force behind all our invasive animal euthanization systems. Our systems have been developed to collect specific data points to begin to develop a revolutionary framework to better understand rodent behaviour in the field.  Our data will allow us to continuously improve and innovate on our technology platform to  drive end user results and functionality.
Web & Mobile App
Our ability to collect, analyze, and present real-time updates provides our clients with incredible functionality and results. CatchData™ users will have the ability to remotely monitor their rodent control systems through the CatchData™ App. This app will allow our users to get real-time notifications on trap activations, visits, battery life, and a host of enhanced management features.
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