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Our Story
CatchData™ was founded in 2020 with a vision to reimagine how invasive rodents are managed, in an urban context as well in the natural environment. As a human species and global society we need to take full responsibility for the impacts that of our lifestyles and patterns have on the planet. This includes understanding and responding to the potentially devastating effects that invasive rodents can have on natural habitats and native animal species, on the global food supply and on the spread of infectious disease. In doing so though, we owe it to ourselves, and the planet, to respond to these issues effectively and humanely.
Our Mission
Our Mission at CatchData™ is to transform how invasive rodents are managed on a global scale, using data driven technology, and deploying the most humane methods available, all without introducing poisons or rodenticides into the natural environment.
Euthanasia is often an unfortunate necessity in deploying effective management strategies. Recognizing that all life is indeed precious and treating it with the respect it deserves, minimizing any potential for suffering, is foundational. Our products and solutions are entirely committed to ensuring that the most humane methods of euthanasia are deployed at all times.
Data Science Driven
No more guesswork. Technology affords us an unparalleled opportunity to remove the uncertainties, to develop management strategies, and to measure their effectiveness. Our products and solutions are emphatically based upon real quantifiable data.
Our Values
These anchor values inform and guide every facet of our work: Humaneness, Poison Free, & Data Science Driven.
Poison Free
Despite not being particularly humane, using poisons and rodenticides to affect euthanasia also introduces toxins into the natural environment, with implications that we really are only beginning to understand. This is not sustainable. Our products and solutions are 100% poison and rodenticide free.

About Us

Humane | Poison Free | Data-Driven
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