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CatchData™ SuperTrap

Poison Free  | Humane |  Data-Driven
CatchData™ has developed the world's first multi-species and self-resetting mechanism designed specifically to ensure an instantaneous and humane outcome. Our CatchData™ SuperTrap is able to precisely identify where a rodent is situated in time and space and euthanizes the subject regardless of length or weight.
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The humane treatment of animals is a founding principle and core value upon which CatchData™ is based. Our SuperTrap deploys what is considered to be the ideal standard for animal euthanasia when it is required; cervical dislocation. Poison free and as instantaneous as possible.
Humane Euthanasia
Invisible Trigger System
The CatchData™ SenseTEC™ system is able to identify where the rodent is in space and time and instantly euthanize it regardless of weight or size. Due to its ‘invisible’ nature, the system cannot be learned, and won’t outsmarted or feared. Our system is perceived as a novel item rather than a threat, which drastically shifts rodent behaviour to that of curious exploration versus initiating a 'fight or flight' response. 
Much of the focus of the public‘s attention is on obvious target species like rodents, and rats more specifically. While rats certainly present challenges and are a focal point of the CatchData™ system, ultimately our technology and service is adaptable to other small mammals and amphibians that are creating similar social and environmental impacts.
Species Adaptability
Forest Trail
The CatchData™ SuperTrap has been specifically engineered to self reset without any manual interventions. The traps mechanical euthanasia system is able to continuously and autonomously process rodents without a specified catch limit.
Carcass Collection
The CatchData™ SuperTrap has an optional carcass collection system within the trap itself. This allows for all processed rodent to be confined within the system, eliminating the risk of secondary adverse effects on scavenger birds or animals.
Differential Bait System (DBS)™
CatchData™ has developed a number of differential baits to work in conjunction with our SuperTrap. All of our proprietary bait blends are specifically designed to be non-toxic and environmentally safe, and can be further customized to reflect local conditions.
Forest Trail
Data Capture
The capture of relevant and useful data is a driving force behind our CatchData™ SuperTrap. Our system has been developed to collect specific data points to create a framework to better understand the way species behave. This data has allowed CatchData™ develop our systems to exploit species behaviour and increase effectiveness in the field. Additionally, this data allows us to continuously improve and innovate on our technology platform to drive end user results
Web & Mobile App
Our ability to collect, analyze, and present real-time updates provides our clients with incredible functionality and results. CatchData™ users will have the ability to remotely monitor their rodent control systems through the CatchData™ App. This app will allow our users to get real-time notifications on trap activations, visits, battery life, and a host of enhanced management features.
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